Sunday, October 28, 2007

Double Header Weekend

We had two hockey games this weekend. Yesterday we played Prowl #1 up in Yorktown and won 5-1 in an exciting game that saw the Prowl goalie play one heck of a game. We were already down two players (one with a broken arm and another out of town with his family) so we were missing a couple key kids. As usual Justin and Peter did an outstanding job for us. Brett was kind of asleep out there and missed a couple of great opportunities but he almost had a breakaway so that was pretty exciting.

Today didn't look like it was going to be a good day to Mite 1 because in addition to us being down two kids we were missing one more and Justin wasn't feeling good. Coach Derek had a little pre-game chat with the team and whatever he said must have worked because I haven't seen Brett play a better game! He was hustling, he kept his stick on the ice, he went after the puck and made some good plays happen. I was very proud of him. I'm just as proud with the team because these kids played their hearts out! Down 3-1 in the third they rallied to win 4-3. Mite 2 played an awesome game and it was extremely exciting and the kind of game that will make both teams better. We tried to keep either Justin or Peter on the ice at all times and rotated lines like crazy. I have to mention Nathan as well, he's absolutely on fire.

Brian, you're boy is playing great and making smart, heads up plays. He's awesome and he's got a good supporting cast around him.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The $52.49 goal

Last year Brett wanted a green, carbon stick so I made a deal with him that when he scored his first goal I'd buy him one. Well it took him 16 games to put his first goal in the net so it was a well deserved reward.

This year we made a deal that when he scored his first goal of the season I'd buy him an equipment bag that has wheels so he can pull it around. All of that hockey equipment is heavy and his bag wasn't big enough for all of his stuff plus my skates, gloves and helmet so something bigger was needed and the wheels would make it easy for him to tow it around instead of me carrying it around all the time.

Well it didn't take him long to cash in on his reward this year. After two assist in the last two games he came roaring (okay maybe not roaring but...) off the bench this morning and scored in the first three minutes of this mornings game! He was hovering around the front of the net when a rebound presented itself. He had a couple of other great chances as well but that goal earned him (or was it me?) a new equipment bag.

Either way I think it will pay for itself in short order. I think we won 10-2 which isn't bad considering the slow start we had due to the fact that the entire team went to the Norfolk Admirals game last night and they were all dog tired.

We have two games next weekend so stay tuned.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I finished!

I went to Ironcross this year with one goal: to finish.

Being an Ironcross virgin I had no idea what to expect except for the horror stories that my team mates told. I knew it was going to be difficult. I knew it was going to involve a lot of climbing. I knew it would a long time to complete. I knew it would mean carrying my bike while clinging to rocks and roots. But you really don't know until you do it what is BS and what has been drastically exaggerated. Well, as I sit here now I can say that it was difficult; there was a lot of climbing, it took me a long time and there actually was a part where, with my bike on my back, I clawed my way up a steep and rocky hill making sure I had my footing before taking another step so that I didn't tumble back down to the bottom!

The hardest part for me was not knowing the course; not knowing what was coming up or where I was at any given point in time. I probably could have pushed harder but I kept thinking a BIG climb was coming even though I already passed it. JB recon'd the course a couple of times leading up to the race and next year I'd like to join him at least once so that I know where I am and what is up ahead.

I don't have any cool stories like Liz or Dinsey. My race was pretty uneventful. I just pedaled, drank a lot of water (too much) and ate every chance I got so that I didn't bonk. It turns out I probably spent too much time eating and drinking because I had to stop and pee too many times.

When it was all said and done I finished in 5:15 which I think is pretty respectable for my first time and considering my longest ride leading up to the race was only 60 miles. I haven't been out to the mountains in years and I haven't been putting in too many miles so I'll take 5:15 for now.

Thanks to Kevin and Dinsey for keeping me motivated with everything else I have going on and to all my teammates (Bill, Tim, Laura, JB, Dinsey, Liz, Carol, Art, Mike, Mark, Steve-O, Kev, Mike and Sally) for encouraging me through out the day. That crew actually makes racing and suffering fun!

And yes, I'm definitely going back next year!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Look at the face!

Here's one Jr. Admiral you don't want to mess with because he's leading the team in penalty minutes this season!

Tonight was picture night so just like last year everyone will get a trading card.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

HR1 takes the opening game!

The two Jr Admirals team squared off this morning for the start of the 2007-2008 season. Brett only played a period and a half because he started feeling sick after getting a bad headache. I think his helmet is too small and luckily we bought a new one a month ago. We'll put the new one to use this coming week when we play the Peninsula on Sunday. As for some of the other kids; Peter lit it up several times as did Justin, Ethan and Caleb.

Sorry but I don't have any pictures but if some of the other parents send me some I'll post them up.