Friday, November 24, 2006

Rocky...yes, again!

Quick warning: graphic photos posted below!

I'm a week late posting this but here it goes; Rocky's paw was getting worse. It was swelling up pretty good and he was in a lot of pain and licking it constantly. We figured he had an infection despite being on two different antibiotics so I ran him to the Vets office last Friday. They tried to express it but nothing came out. The Vet suggested that we keep soaking it and gave us something to put on it so he wouldn't lick it. She wanted to see him again on Monday. Well Saturday night I was laying on the bed in the spare bedroom watching TV and Rocky was laying there as well. Eventually I noticed a huge piece of wood laying on the blanket. It was over 1/2 inch long and about 1/4 inch wide. I told Suzanne I think another chunk of wood came out of Rocky's paw and when we looked, here's what we found:

Sure enough, another chunk of wood was in his paw and like the last one worked it's way out. We're happy to report that his paw is healing well and he hasn't messed with it since that night!

My wallet is glad this ordeal is over :-)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jr. Admirals Team Pictures

The team pictures arrived yesterday and I thought I'd give you all a sneak-peak. I'm sure you all will get your picture or trading card soon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sea & Sand R esults and Pics

The official results and now posted --> RESULTS

And for your viewing pleasure here is plenty of photos of people (specifically me) suffering --> PICTURES

Note: pictures of Brett riding around at the finish are on page 94.

First Assist!

Brett recorded his first assist this morning! He broke up a play and Evan was able to get the puck and scored to make the score 2 (Admirals) to 3 (Prowl). Logan played net and did a great job even though the Admirals lost 5-2.

It was a close game and both teams were about even in shots on goal. When Bunny comes back in town she's going to see a noticable improvement in not just Brett but the whole team.

Sorry, no pictures because I was running the clock and scoreboard. I need a camera phone...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sea & Sand Adventure Race

Sorry I'm a little late in posting this but I've hardly had the energy to do anything except lay on the couch lately. You see, on Saturday I participated in the Inaugural Sea & Sand Adventure Race in Virginia Beach.

This was my first adventure race and honestly I didn't plan on it being so hard. However, I quickly realized I was in adventure.

First thing on the agenda was a 5 mile kayak south along the beaches of Sand Bridge to False Cape State Park. As luck would have it the surf was huge that morning and while Tim made it out with relative ease Rob and I received a beating. On our first attempt out we got hit by a massive wave that filled the boat with water and turned us sideways. Then the next wave rolled us over. We had to swim the boat back to shore to get it emptied out and retrieve all our gear. I don't have to tell you how much I don't like water so being in the ocean, @ 6AM in November didn't make me happy. Our second attempt wasn't successful either but at least we didn't have to swim back to shore. Like the old saying goes; the third time is a charm. We were able to get out and get going even though we were the last team in the water.

When we arrived at CP1 (check point) there were still 4-5 teams milling around on the beach. We hit the shore without any issues but Tim fell victim to the wave this time, that made Rob and I happy :-) We had to transport our kayak and gear 1.5 miles to the bay side for CP2 and then we set out on foot to get CP3-5. This was probably the worst part for me. With a soaking wet pack that felt like it weighed 40lbs my knee started to hurt tremendously. At times I was almost in tears from the pain. I twisted my knee snowboarding a few years ago and it's never been right since...maybe I should have it looked at? Doh!

Next up was a long kayaking leg where we collected two more checkpoints as we headed north in Back Bay. We arrived back at the transition area about 1PM and got ready for the final leg of the race, on BIKES! This is our strong suite so we headed out with the idea that we could make up a lot of time and we did! Because the trip to the Virginia / North Carolina border consisted of a lot of riding on the beach we were able to make up a good bit of time. We arrived at the final CP located at the VA/NC border at 3:30PM and turned around for the trip to the finish. By the time we arrived back at the beach the tide was out and we were able to keep a steady pace and picked off a couple more teams. We finished 3rd in our category and 21st overall, full course!

In hindsight I really enjoyed it. During the race I kept asking myself what the hell was I doing out there but in the end I had a good time suffering and rolling around in the surf, being soaked and sore and tired. In fact I'm already looking forward to the next race in March!

That picture is Rob and i getting out for the third and final time:
The ocean moans over dead mens bones
Sneak Peak

Rockey Update:

Well things went from bad to worse for Rocky. After getting him home from the emergency vet we discovered that the object was still in his paw! How did we find out? Well for starters he started freaking out. He ripped his cast off and !POP! the 1/2 inch piece of wood shot out the top of his paw and stuck to the wall

The poor dog was in a tremendous amount of pain. Apparently wood is not visible on x-ray and the bandages the vet applied only put more pressure on it, forcing it through the top of his paw. Now he has two stitches on the bottom of his paw and a huge opening on the top! More antibiotics and vet bills are a results.

However, he's putting weight on it and running around like normal now so we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Prowl 10, Admirals 2

Well the Jr. Admirals got off to a slow start today allowing 4 goals in the first period. Maybe its because the kids finally got used to the 7:30AM games and couldn't adjust to a 4:00PM game?

Brett was really hustling today and has finally started going after the puck and turning up ice when one of his teammates gets a hold of it. All the kids are showing a lot of improvement and kudos to Justin for scoring his first goal of the season!

More trouble for Rocky

Yesterday I found Rocky standing at the back door on three legs. Apparently he managed to cut his paw. A trip to the dog emergency room, two stitches, xrays, a cast and one of those goofy e-collars later here he is "resting". Today is the first day that I can remember that the kids ate in the same room with him and he DIDN'T try and steal their breakfast!