Saturday, June 30, 2007

They say things happen in threes...

so I hope that means TriPower is done with this streak of bad luck.

First Laura crashed at the beginning of the week requiring stitches then Bill C went down and broke his hip and today The Dawg went down! Keep your eye on K-Dawg's K-Blogg for photos and a full report.

I hope all of them have a quick and speedy recovery.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Family Pets

Did you ever go out of town only to arrive home to a new family pet(s)? Well I did.

It seems that while I was gone the kids convinced "Mama" it was time for a couple additions to the family zoo. Of course special thanks has to go out to Dinsey and his clan. Without them this little coup wouldn't have been possible.

Oilville MTB / Kids Race

The kids participated in their first mountain bike race today! They were the youngest out there but they did great and as you can see, Hope looked good doing it as well! She might just start a new trend in women's racing if she keeps at it. She told us she's ready for a two wheeled bike now. Brett did the singletrack trail with the big kids without assistance. Both seemed to enjoy it and said they wanted to do another one sometime soon.