Friday, February 22, 2008

Playoffs and tournaments

Well the regular season (12-1-3) is over and the playoffs began last night. Our kids and the other Iceland team played to a tie in a very good, close, game. We have three more games this weekend so we’ll be quite busy with hockey all weekend.

Next weekend we’re playing in the Breakaway at the Beach tournament, which we won last year. I believe we have Mite teams from Greensboro and Roanoke coming in town so it will be nice to see some different teams and to get our kids ready for a tournament towards the end of March.

Speaking of that, we will be going back to York over Easter weekend. I’m not sure if any of the family can come down like last year but its short notice so I understand if everyone already has plans. We didn’t have enough kids to go so we borrowed a couple of kids from the other Jr. Admirals Mite team and I think we have a very good group going so it should be fun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

One of our own is in Patagonia

Every cyclist in this area is familiar with Rob D. He's won numerous BAR championships over the past several years but he started his cycling career off road by racing mountain bikes. Over the past couple of years he's gone back to the off road world but in the form of adventure racing. Apparently he's done so well at it that he was invited to join a team for a 600km, 9 day event at the end of the world in Patagonia!

He flew out on Friday and the race is due to get underway tomorrow. You can follow his teams progress and listen to audio blogs here:

For more info on the event check out the official website here:

Take a few minutes to leave Rob and his team mates, two of which are also from Virginia Beach, some words of encouragement.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where's Marco?

I'm getting a lot of heat for not updating my blog. I'll apologize up front but I've (we've) been extremely busy. I want to specifically apologize for Brian because I know you've been looking for updates and pictures. Sorry bro, it's not easy running the bench and working with them while taking pictures.

On the bright side you're boy is playing outstanding hockey and we've relied upon him a lot these past few games. We've been struggling since we lost Alex (moved) and it seems that every game we are missing at least one other so we're always playing with a shortened roster. He tied it up for us yesterday with just five seconds left in the 3rd! It was a fantastic goal!

As for everything else I don't have much to report. Between working and the usual family stuff I haven't been up to much. Cross season is long since over and I don't plan on racing much (if any because I don't like roadies) on the road this year so I only have a few MTB races to look forward to. Brett is going to race BMX this season and Santa brough him a bad ass little Felt and he got to practice on it yesterday. He was really digging it and I plan to get some photos and videos up of his first race in a couple of weeks. Check out his new ride:

On a soar note I missed the Superbowl day ride :-( I was really looking forward to it but the Colonel wasn't feeling well and I had to stay home. Next year I'm going even if I have to hire a nanny to stay with the family while I'm gone. You can catch up with the details here: K-Dawg's Kblogg.

That's all I have for now. I'd tell you to stay tuned but you can see how that is going...